Please browse the wardrobe gallery below to see our avaliable door ranges and styles. Carcases are colour matched to doors. These doors can be supplied in any size, so we can also provide a wardrobe door replacement service if you want to give your bedroom a face lift.

Fitted wardrobes below are High Gloss white doors with walnut coloured cabinets at Waterthorpe.


Fitted Wardrobes in WinWick style Door, Montana Oak colour at Wingerworth, Chesterfield.

 Fitted Wardrobes in manhattan style door Montana Oak colour at Northwingfield, Chesterfield.

Fitted Wardrobes in Milano style door, swiss pear tree colour at  Wingerworth, chesterfield.

When it comes to your bedroom room its not just a case of how it looks, storage is very important.Below are pictures of Various set ups for the interiors of wardrobes: Double hanging is for shirts & Trousers, Long Hanging is for Dresses normally put a shelf above & a small shelve at the bottom for shoes, You can have mutli-shelved or half Hanging with a internal drawer pack. There are dividers to split a double robe up. 


This is a bedroom door replacement, door style Metropole, colour Moldua Acacia. The picture on the right is the before picture.

This is a bedroom door replacement, door style scoop, colour Moldua Acacia


Wardrobe gallery